Monday, February 22

Tips for Working with Jelly Yarn(tm)

I first wrote these tips for a pattern called "Barbed Wire Belt," which was published in a Straight From Today's Designers design compilation called Crochet Belts From the Hip.

In the meantime, more crochet patterns are coming that also use Jelly Yarn(tm) because I cannot resist its siren song. You can put these tips to use right away if you already have some of this unique yarn at home.
(Pictured: "Flying Jelly Ring, Tambourine Version" from Jelly Yarn: 20 Cool Projects for Girls to Knit and Crochet)

Tip #1: If you can't make the initial slip knot tight enough to stay knotted, add a dab of superglue.

Tip #2: Use a small amount of hand cream or something silicone-based on your crochet hook to really build up stitching speed!

Tip #3: The Jelly Yarn(tm) is a "monofilament," not twisted plies. Like ribbon and tape yarns, it will acquire some twist as you work with it. I ignore it, unless it starts kinking up. Pulling more yarn from the ball helps because it postpones the twist down the line, indefinitely. Sometimes I crochet it standing up and shake the twist down the strand.

Tip #4: Jelly Yarn(tm) seems to stick more or resist me when I'm tired, stressed, or impatient. It's the same if I'm in a hot or stuffy room. Therefore I figure that either Jelly Yarn(tm) has psychic powers, or when I'm stressed I become hot and stuffy too. If this happens to you, just take a break, turn up the A/C, and maybe even place your yarn in an ice chest and work that way! 

Tip #5: If you have kids, guard your jelly stash carefully. If you don’t have kids, other people’s kids will find you and stare soulfully until you make something for them.