Friday, April 2

Standard Necklace Lengths

I keep this list of standard necklace lengths handy when I write crochet jewelry patterns:

Collar: 12" - 13"
Satin Pillows is opera length; via Ravelry
         (30.5cm - 33cm)
Choker: 14" - 16"
         (36.5cm - 41.5cm)
Princess: 17" - 19"
         (43cm - 48cm)
Matinee: 20" - 24"
         (51cm - 61cm)
Opera: 25" - 34"
         (64.5cm - 87.5cm)
Rope: 35" - 44"
         (89cm - 112cm)
Lariat: 45" - 48"
         (114cm - 122cm)

I like these charming, old-fashioned names. Nowadays I never hear someone say, "Looks like I'm going to need my matinee necklace for this dress. None of my princesses will do." Or, "Hmmm, Honey, what do you think? Opera or rope? If I go with the opera necklace, I can double it like so; I could wear the rope tripled, though."
Trailing Vines is lariat length

Of course, we crocheters can decide to make our necklaces any length we prefer as we go. I use these traditional lengths as a starting point and as a way to place our art in the context of jewelry making.