Tuesday, January 31

How to Crochet Spiky Puff Stitches

I used a different color per row for the how-to crochet stitch video below!
The Spiky Puff Stitch is what puts the 'palmetto' in the Palmetto Wristcuff! Don't the stitches look sort of like palm fronds? Also, the way the spike stitches point upward in the new pink one, looks like aloe vera plants to me. (The Palmetto Wristcuff pattern is one of many crochet jewelry patterns at my site and in Ravelry.)

I created a crochet stitch how-to video and uploaded it to Youtube today. I'm still practicing at making videos and it's not too bad! For my next trick I'm going to attempt to embed the video right here in this blog post.

If it doesn't work, here's the link to the video.